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Go Anywhere: The Freedom of a Foldable Power Wheelchair

illions of people with restricted movement abilities rely on mobility devices to move around the house or within the neighborhood. While manual or traditional wheelchairs aid their movement, these devices often have limitations, including not being easy to use and requiring another person to help them push the chair. However, the Foldable Power Wheelchair offers a more convenient and comfortable means of movement for elders and individuals with limited mobility. These high-tech devices enable total freedom, allowing you to go anywhere and explore the world easily.

Foldable Power Wheelchair

Let's explore why this advanced mobility device is the perfect solution for individuals seeking reliable mobility support to make their daily movement and activities seamless and convenient.


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Who Benefits From A Foldable Power Wheelchair?


 Individuals with limited mobility may not be able to walk unaided and will need a wheelchair to make movement more convenient and comfortable. This device offers unparalleled freedom and independence to let you get around and undertake your daily activities without stress and assistance. Let's look at the people who benefit significantly from a power wheelchair.


  • Seniors/ Elderly: Mobility can become increasingly challenging for some people as they age. A power wheelchair becomes necessary to help them enjoy an efficient means of getting around while maintaining their freedom. 


  • People with disabilities: Power wheelchairs are useful for individuals with various disabilities that can prevent them from moving around unaided. People with spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, or multiple sclerosis will benefit greatly from the use of these mobility tools. 

Post-surgery patients: Patients recovering from surgery may temporarily need a mobility device for seamless movement. This will ensure that you can carry out your normal activities without putting strain on your body as it heals.


Freedom and limitless life with folding electric wheelchair

How Do I Choose A Foldable Power Wheelchair?


Choosing the right power wheelchair is essential as your decision can affect your independence, movement, and quality of life. Below are factors you should consider before buying one. 


  • Medical condition: Is your mobility limitation due to old age or any medical condition? Consult your healthcare provider for professional advice on which wheelchair to buy based on your health condition. 


  • Lifestyle & travels: Consider your daily routine and activities before choosing a mobility device. We recommend the foldable model if you travel frequently or go to places that require a car or plane. 


  • Environment considerations: Another factor is whether the device will be used indoors, outdoors, or both. Consider whether you need it for short — or long-distance travel. 


  • Your budget: Ensure you get a wheelchair within your budget to avoid putting holes in your pocket. You can also confirm whether Medicare or private insurance covers your power wheelchair. 


  • Additional Features: Check for customization options and safety features to make your device more efficient and safe. Ensure it has features like seat belts, anti-tip wheels, additional storage compartments, etc.



The Best Lightweight Foldable Power Wheelchair For Traveling


Traveling opens doors to new adventures and experiences. However, relying on a mobility tool can make your experience daunting, especially when the place is unfamiliar. Thankfully, the lightweight foldable power wheelchair will give you the independence and convenience to explore new destinations. With many options available in the market, choosing a reliable and suitable mobility device for traveling can become challenging, and we’re here to help you. 


ComfyGo Majestic IQ-7000 is the best foldable power wheelchair

We recommend the MAJESTIC IQ-7000 AF (Auto Folding) wheelchair as the best mobility device for short and long-distance travel. This device offers the perfect combination of functionality, portability, and efficiency to make traveling seamless for individuals with mobility limitations. 

It is 100% an airline-friendly model suitable for traveling in planes. The IQ-7000 comes standard with a 12AH lithium-ion battery. This airline and cruise-approved battery offers a range of up to 13 miles, perfect for running errands or exploring new places.


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What Is The Difference Between An Electric Wheelchair And A Power Chair?


While electric wheelchairs and power chairs help individuals with disabilities enjoy easy movement, some subtle differences can influence your decision when buying one. 


The electric wheelchair is a lighter mobility device designed for indoor use and navigating tight spaces. At the same time, a power chair is equipped with more sophisticated control systems for rugged and uneven surfaces, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor environments.



Electric Wheelchair

Power Chair


Smaller, lighter

Larger, heavier


Less durable

More durable


More maneuverable

Less maneuverable


Less customizable

More customizable


Joystick or tiller


Ideal Use

Indoor use

Indoor and outdoor use

What Are The Three Types Of Power Wheelchairs?


Power wheelchairs are categorized into three types based on their wheel drive configuration: rear-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, and mid-wheel drive. 


  • Rear-wheel drive: RWD power chairs are popular because they can be used for long distances and outdoor activities. Since the drive wheels are positioned at the back of the chair's base, you can rely on them for seamless movement on uneven surfaces, rough terrain, and more rugged environments. 


  • Mid-wheel drive: These power chairs position their wheels in the middle of the chair's base to balance stability and maneuverability. They're well suited for indoor use and movement in tight spaces. However, you may have difficulty navigating on rough surfaces compared to real-wheel or front-wheel power chairs. 


  • Front-wheel drive: These mobility devices are signed with the primary drive wheel positioned at the chair's front. You can use the front-wheel drive to maneuver sharp turns or doorways. Unlike rear-wheel drive, these power chairs are most suited for indoor activities or short-distance movements. 


Which Is Better, A Scooter Or An Electric Wheelchair?


Choosing between a mobility scooter and an electric wheelchair can be difficult, as your choice can depend on your specific needs or situations. Below are some factors that influence which one is better for you. 


Indoor or outdoor use: The electric wheelchair is ideal for indoor use since it can maneuver tight spaces within the house. However, the scooter is ideally designed for long-distance movement, especially when you need a better speed. 


Frequency of use: You may consider the electric wheelchair for all-day use, especially when you have much work or many places to visit. Meanwhile, scooters are great for people who can perform most activities themselves but need help with long-distance movement. 


Comfort and support: Both devices provide high-level support and comfort when moving from one point to another. However, an electric wheelchair has more features than a scooter in providing an extra layer of support. 




Electric Wheelchair


Easier in tight spaces

Less maneuverable


Less comfortable for long use

More comfortable for long use


Less stable

More stable


Less customization options

More customization options

(seating, headrests, legrests)


Not ideal for uneven terrain

Handles uneven terrain better


Generally less expensive

Generally more expensive

Typical Use

Indoor use, short trips

Indoor and outdoor use, extended trips

Upper Body Strength

May require more hand control

Easier to operate with limited hand control


Learn more about features of our mobility scooters in this article.


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Frequently Asked Questions


How many miles can a power wheelchair go?

A fully charged power wheelchair can travel about 10 to 20 miles on average, provided the battery is still in excellent condition. 


Is it better to keep the power of a power wheelchair or keep turning it off?

We advise that you keep your power wheelchair turned off when not in use to avoid energy loss. This will also ensure your device doesn't move or cause an accident while you're away. 


Can you use an electric wheelchair in the rain?

Yes, you can. But we advise that you avoid using an electric wheelchair in the rain as much as possible, you should cover the joystick and controller with a clear plastic bag to protect the electric parts from damage. 


Can I take my foldable electric wheelchair on a plane?

Yes, you can take your foldable electric wheelchair when traveling on a plane. Our mobility device is designed in accordance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) safety regulations.


Does Medicare pay for foldable power wheelchairs?

Medicare can provide partial assistance for a foldable electric wheelchair if you meet the requirements. You may have to talk to your primary care provider for eligibility. 

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